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Studying in Ireland: Information for International Students

This section covers the most common information required by international students.

Your course

Finding a Course - Recognised Courses - Learner Protection - Language Requirements - English Language Schools - Fees and Grants - Scholarships and Funding - Erasmus - Students with Disabilities - Study Methods

Immigration / Rules about studying

Immigration and Visas - Guide to writing to INIS - Medical Insurance - College Refund Policies - Students with Children / Family Reunification


Daily Life - Cost of Living and Budget Tips - Accommodation - Travel in Ireland - Irish weather - Staying Healthy - Student Services

Working in Ireland

Working in Ireland - The Third Level Graduate Scheme

In Brief

Studying in Northern Ireland - Statistics on International Students - Offering Accommodation to International Students


These information briefings are regularly revised - see the bottom of each page for details of the last update/review.

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ICOS and International Students

ICOS is an independent organisation advocating for the rights of international students in Ireland.

We offer advice and mediation to students in difficulty.

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More resources

Education Ireland - official site promoting Ireland as a destination for international students

i-student advisor - annually updated online guide to studying in Ireland

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