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Diverse Voices intercultural training pack for working with international students

Intercultural competency is a skill increasingly required of all higher education staff. The ICOS 'Diverse Voices: Listening to International Students' DVD and training guide is an unparalleled resource for use across the sector, a thoroughly accessible tool for the efforts of higher education institutions to build receptive and empathetic environments for international students.

Developed over a three year period and launched in 2015, it brings together the experiences and perspectives of a range of international students on living and studying in Ireland. Interview segments on a wide range of themes are further explored in the 130 page training guide that accompanies the DVD, including participative exercises for use by facilitators. The pack, authored by former ICOS trainer Louise Staunton and edited by Dr. Ciarán Dunne, is available for purchase (with a discount for members). »ORDER FORM PDF


'Diverse Voices: Listening to International Students' trailer on Vimeo.

The pack draws on ICOS' experience of offering intercultural awareness training to higher education academic and support staff over many years and the video resources are able to bringing the experiences and perspectives of a range of international students into a training context in the most direct way possible. The 'Diverse Voices' training pack also features many experienced higher education sector professionals discussing issues of best practice.

Whilst the focus of Diverse Voices is on the Irish cultural context, the themes explored will resonate with anyone interested in intercultural competence development.


Sample Chapters

Diverse Voices DVD chapter: Humour on Vimeo.

Diverse Voices DVD Chapter: Approaches to Assessment on Vimeo.

The 'Diverse Voices' project was developed with support from the Department of Education and Skills and and the pack was launched by the Minister on 11th June 2015.